Youngsters in Beirut


Youngsters Experiences – Lebanon

On November 16-18, an event was organized by ISSA in Lebanon under the Med Skipper Project. The objective of the event was to promote the yachting industry among young students of local schools. Ca. 250 students were invited from schools in the North Beirut region to visit the:

– Jounieh marina and
– Batroun marina and State owned training center for mariners (MARSATI – Institute of Marine Science and Technology).

Kids could learn what yachting is. The professional instructors presented them a whole scope of opportunities which are open to them in this very industry.

Also, kids participated in very basic training in first aid and fire fighting and could acquire some practical skills relevant to their lives even now.

The kids were involved in various activities. Each of them was given a booklet with basic information about sustainable yachting. They were also presented with lunch boxes.