Master of Power Yacht

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Experience required prior training: 60 days at sea as skipper or watch leader in at least 5 voyages, at least in 3 different sea areas, including tidal waters (at least one area), 2 passages over 100 nautical miles as skipper
Certification required prior training: SRC, First Aid Certificate, Sea Survival
Minimum age required: 18 years old
Suggested number of training hours: 5 days theory / 3 days practical + 1 day exam
Who can run the training: ISSA Instructor who holds MoY certificate
Who can do the examination: ISSA Examiner
Examination: Should include navigation at darkness
How to submit the application: To authorized ISSA school only

Candidate for Master of Yacht should possess the same knowledge as Offshore Skipper but should be more fluent in applying it.

Apart of that, Master of Yacht should:

  • have proper appearance (dressing and hygiene) and should behave properly (show respect to others)
  • be condifent in his actions;
  • be friendly to his crew;
  • remain calm in all situations and should not escalate stressful situations;
  • have good communication skills with the crew;

In order to make the certificate commercial (up to 200 GBT), the holder of it, should:

  • present a valid health assessment document issued by physician;
  • possess valid STCW95 certification;
  • the commercial endorsement is valid for 5 years.