Rules of Accreditation

How to become an ISSA Accredited School

  1. You need to have at least 1 ISSA Instructor

a. An instructor can obtain ISSA’s authorisation in two ways:
i. Attend a full time instructors’ training (1 week).
ii. Attend one day conversion training if they are experienced and possess local official instructor license (This conversion training is possible only once, at the beginning of cooperation. Usually it’s done together with the school inspection).

b. Every 5 years the instructors are asked to participate in update sessions (It takes 1 day).

c. Dates and locations of update sessions will be displayed on the ISSA website;

2. Your school needs to undergo an inspection. We will contact you and arrange a convenient inspection date (The inspection takes 1 day).

a. Please be informed that the school covers the costs of flight, accommodation and food for the inspector;

b. The accommodation conditions for the inspector should be the same as for the students of the school.

3. The school has to pay an accreditation fee that also includes the inspection fee.
The fee can be divided into 3 instalments.

  1. In case your school would not pass our inspection, you can obtain an annual, conditional accreditation to have time to adapt to the ISSA standards. We will re-inspect you next year and upon positive results you will get full ISSA accreditation.
  2. In the unlikely event of a negative second inspection we will need to discuss with you the next steps. However please note that we are always eager to support the schools in achieving and maintaining the highest teaching standards – the ISSA standards.