ISSA presented SIPD at boot Düsseldorf 2024



On the afternoon of January 22, 2024, Mr. Michal Stronka, the initiator the ISSA Sailing Instructor of Persons with Disabilities (SIPD) program, engaged in an enlightening interview at boot Düsseldorf 2024.

During the discussion, the audience gained valuable insights into SIPD, a program conceived to address the growing demand for more inclusive sailing experiences. ISSA is dedicated to breaking barriers and ensuring sailing is accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. The program’s primary objective is to empower instructors with the necessary skills to foster an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with disabilities.

The SIPD program covers a range of topics, including technical sailing skills, adaptive equipment, communication strategies, and safety protocols. It’s a comprehensive training program designed to prepare instructors to work effectively with persons with disabilities

ISSA welcomes anyone interested in becoming a SIPD instructor or supporting the program. This SIPD program was launch by the International Sailing Schools Association in October last year, and this year, the upcoming session of SIPD training course will come very soon, just 10 days after boot Düsseldorf, the date will be scheduled on 09-12.02.2024, in Cyprus.