ISSA in association with Yacht-Pool Nautical Insurances.


We are happy to inform you, that ISSA and YACHT-POOL, pioneer and market leader of skipper insurances and one of the bigget insurer of yacht owners and skippers, will work together.

Thanks to co-operation with YACHT-POOL all ISSA members have gained a trustworthy partner that offers individual solutions concerning liability insurances for sailing instructors, sailing students, yacht owners and others.

YACHT-POOL has a high reputation and is the benchmark for customers safety, gives indivual insurance solutions and is regulation claims with compentece and, normally, in short time.

Why taking an YACHT-POOL as a partner for the ISSA?

ISSA believes that a co-operation with an insurer is indispensable. All sailing schools, sailing instructors and other participants of the sailing world can face questions of liability.

Th e legal position is therefore not always clear. Yet most of the sailing schools and skippers are not aware of it. YACHT-POOL, as one of the biggest and experienced nautical insurers, knows the risks and supports ISSA in insurance matters.yacht pool sec

As YACHT-POOL is working in the EU and non-EU countries, we have the advantage of being able to insure nearly all ISSA members, whom we off er in most cases the same insurance terms and conditions.

As a result of our co-operation, all ISSA members also get a discount of 5% of the normal insurance premium,
which means that they do not only benefi t from the experience, but also have professional claim settlement with YACHT-POOL.

What kind insurances does YACHT-POOL provide?

YACHT-POOL has different insurance products for the nautical area.

Because there are many cases of non standard-needs, we ask all ISSA members to contact YACHTPOOL directly, even if YACHTPOOL does not off er an insurance product offi cially, because there may be a good solution for almost
every problem.

Due to its size, this brochure can only show a part of YACHT-POOL service.

YACHT-POOL offers:

• insurances for sailing instructors
• insurances for sailing schools, charter companies and agencies
• insurances for sailing students
• insurances for skippers
• insurances for yachts
• and other

Pricing is always individuall.

Who is the person in charge?

YACHT-POOL | Agencja: Daniel Prusinski
Posthalterring 7 | D- 85599 Parsdorf
Tel.: 0049 89 7467 3486 Fax: 00 49 89 60 95 973 |