Conference in Cyprus April 6-9, 2022


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Conference Summary – Prevent Plastic Polution

Limassol, Cyprus, April 6-9, 2022

The ISSA, together with the IYFR ‘Pomerania” Fleet, are organizing a conference to involve environmental experts and yachting related organizations in a more active approach to marine environmental issues.

The ISSA has been involved in sea and water related activities since its very beginning, thus it is our responsibility to make ISSA students aware of the problems arising in the maritime world. We don’t have the resources and power to remove the pollution but we can involve the ISSA students into the prevention process. They could possibly become the ambassadors of awareness building.

The conference will comprise of 3 topic areas:

1. Presentation of issues related to maritime pollution
2. Presentation of initiatives/ solutions that were undertaken to tackle the environmental issues
3. Education as the main means to prevent environmental problems