Basic Safety Training SOLAS


Sailing school Sunlight Sailing together with the Latvian Maritime Academy starts training course SOLAS with the issuance of state certificates. The courses are held in Riga. Training lasts for 1 week. It includes theoretical and practical classes and the exam. Languages of training are English, Russian and Latvian. Price of Certificate is included.

The price is 249 euros.

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Training program

The “Initial (basic) training” continuance for 54 hours includes 22 hours of practice and consists of the following courses:

Personal safety and social responsibilities (A-VI / 1-4) (IMO Model Course 1.21)

This course is part of mandatory basic security training for all seafarers. It targets to provide a basic introductory training on procedures relating to safety and accident prevention, and to familiarize the staff with working conditions and working equipment on board of sea vessels.


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Personal survival methods (A-VI / 1-1) (IMO Model Course 1.19)

The course includes practical training on the use of lifejackets and inflatable life rafts. The course is part of mandatory basic safety training for all seafarers

Fire prevention and fire fighting (A-VI / 1-2) (IMO Model Course 1.20)

The course includes practical training with the use of fire extinguishers, fire hoses; equipment of surround extinguishing and other equipment for fire fighting. This course also include usage of breathing apparatus when fire fighting and rescue operations.

First aid (A-VI / 1-3) (IMO Model Course 1.13)

This course covers the minimum standard of competence in the provision of elementary first aid during emergency actions caused by an accident or other medical emergency.

In order to comply national requirements and the requirements of the STCW Convention on the training of seafarers in this program we use :

  • complex to prepare for emergency actions on the vessel;
  • complex to prepare for the use of rescue and survival at sea;
  • complex to prepare for medical assistance.


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The complex to prepare for emergency action includes:

  • simulator “Smoke labyrinth”;
  • simulator that allows to imitate the ignition type of A, B, C, D and develop actions to eliminate them;
  • fire simulator in accommodation and service areas, engine rooms, the cargo hold;
  • theoretical training class with fire-fighting equipment, visual aids and technical training facilities (TTF);
  • compartment for sealing of holes;
  • Theoretical training class in which the layout tools for sealing of holes and other visual aids and TTF;
  • Class of personal safety with visual aids and TTF, equipped with personal protection and safety of life on board the vessel;
  • Demonstration class of technical equipment water treatment and control of environmental pollution. Acting surround extinguishing system.

The complex for preparation for the use of rescue and survival at sea includes a simulator to prepare for the use of individual means of rescue and survival at sea, consisting of:

  • Class for preparation for the use of the rescue equipment and survival at sea with visual aids;
  • fresh water swimming pool, all the relevant regulations,
  • working out activities abandon distress vessel and use of personal rescue and survival at sea;
  • lifeboat with engine and equipment, a device for planting crew and lowering boats into the water, and the liferaft launching appliance, equipped with a place for their practical use.
  • equipement for lifting rescued on the helicopter gazebo.

The complex for preparation to provide elementary first aid is completed by the

  • required set of drugs of the naval medical kit,
  • medical simulators for training practical skills and techniques,
  • visual aids,
  • a set of educational videos about rescue breathing, chest compressions and
  • Instructions, considering to the provisions of the International Guidelines on ship medicine (Geneva, World health organization, 1992)